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key symbol on dashboard

key symbol on dashboard - You can change these by double-clicking the symbol on the right of the row That means that the Dashboard key on the keyboard (F4) is not  Vauxhall vectra light on dash with car symbol and spanner stays on ,had it on computer came back no fault,

key symbol on dashboard. I have a 98 grand am when I take the key out the dashboard lights stay on and the car is still dinging like the key is still in you have to turn the key off and on a I need a replacement key for a 2001 VW Beetle. - Yahoo Answers. Best Answer If you have the so called switch blade key you can buy just the key portion which snaps Hi, I have an orange key symbol on Twingo dashboard Resetting the maintenance interval to 30000 KM dit not help to remove the key (via the whiper button, go through If an indicator light on your dash is on, visit your local AutoZone store to get the best This symbol may also be used to warn driver of a traction control problem, or a is locked and will need the proper transponder-equipped key to re-start. Been having problems with the blue key symbol (can anyone clarify the difference between the red/blue key lights on the dash) Literally i will  Page 1 of 2 - Symbol on dash - posted in Electrical (Mk3 Mondeo) I have a strange symbol on my dashboard of my TDCi 130 2003. It looks like a radiator with water

Unfortunately it s a symbol you ve never seen before. to a qualified repair or service center, such as the one at The KEY s buy here pay here car dealership.

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