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how to get key to open chest in sanctuary

how to get key to open chest in sanctuary. The Golden Chest is a unique lootable object located in Sanctuary and is A player with more Golden Keys available can open the chest again for more loot. The secret door requires almost no skill in search to open, and inside the chest you ll find the sanctuary master key, which will allow you to open the gates that  Borderlands 2 Golden Key Chest Detailed The chest in the game that goes with the key can be found in Sanctuary, a major town that we visited during Or we have a general idea, at any rate. It s random, and scaled to your level at the moment you use your precious Golden Key to open it, as Gearbox  Getting the key If you go slightly to the right and look to the left, you ll see an open There s a Mimic Chest on the right of the fireplace. One way to get a golden key is to link Borderlands 2 and a Gearbox Shift account. This can be done via Main Menu - Extras - Shift Code. You can tell it s got something great in it, but you can t open it can you No.. it shows a key that you don t have, and you can t seem to find one  Walkthrough of Dracula2 The Last Sanctuary. Walk to the other side, look down and open the little tool chest. Take out the wrench. Go back down . Go out to the desk again and use the key to open the drawer. Take out the - Hooker Furniture Sanctuary Fretwork Chest in Pearl Essence - Storage Chests. Usually ships within 6 to 10 days. Sold by Cymax. Add to Cart. Buy now Click to open expanded view In order to navigate out of this carousel please use your heading shortcut key to navigate to the next or previous heading. Immediately upon arriving in Sanctuary, I found a big weapon container. golden key, which allows me to open that single loot chest and get  But not all is bad, seeing how if you were to open the Golden Key Treasure Chest, you will automatically receive a very rare (purple) item or  If he goes toward either entrances, get the hell out of there and bait him back to his . The keys are mean to open golden Loot chest in the Sanctuary near the  Move forward just a little bit to find a treasure chest with your first new item in A Link Between Worlds Take that key and open the locked door. How to Get the gold key and gold chest hidden in your sanctuary in Fable How to Find and open all six demon doors in Fable 3 · How to Get  You need a key you will find later to go through that door, so for now, go down Go up the ladder on top of the stairs and open the metal chest that contains the  Use the gust bellows to clear out all this magma ash that is on the ground and then head around the corner. Open the treasure chest here to get a small key. Borderlands 2 Golden Key unlocks this chest in Sanctuary retailer � you ll find yourself burdened by one golden key come launch day. you open it � and while we know how hard it is to not open a chest full of loot in a